The Care and Feeding of an Author on Amazon

The post and infographic on The Care and Feeding of an Author seemed to help a lot of authors and fans of authors, so here’s the next installment, The Care and Feeding of an Author on Amazon.  The infographic is literally, a checklist of things folks can do on Amazon to help an author.  (Detailed instructions and screenshots for each item are included in the post below.)

Other online retailers have similar features, but Amazon is the reigning champ of online sales.  Using these features helps the author and the specific book(s) gain visibility…which increases the likelihood of sales.  Again, we want to keep authors fed, watered, and writing, right?

Here’s the download link for the printable Amazon-specific infographic.




Duh.  Of course, BUYING an author’s book or ebook helps directly.  It not only puts money in the author’s pocket, it also boosts sales figures.  The more a book sells, the more love it will get from the book store (Amazon).

Share “I Just Bought…”

Click to share “I just bought……on Amazon” on social networks.

When you purchase a book or ebook on Amazon, you’ll get an option to Share news of your purchase on social media.  That does add clout to the share.  People DO tend to notice if a friend actually pays for a book AND makes the effort to share.

You even get this option if you “purchase” an ebook during a free promotion.  The post doesn’t share how much you spent…just that you got it.  Sharing “I Just Bought..” spreads your endorsement and support even further than just the purchase.

Write a Review

This is HUGE!  We all read reviews before we buy (usually), and reviews on books are especially important.  We all read a bit differently depending on our personal experiences, so book reviews are relatively subjective.   Heck, bad reviews influence our buying decisions just as much as good reviews.  Either way, a large number of reviews is always helpful.

It doesn’t have to be a long analysis.  I think the current minimum for an Amazon review is 20 words.  20 words.  That’s like a substantial tweet.  You can do that to support an author, right?

To write a review, open the book or ebook’s listing on Amazon.  Scroll down to the reviews listed lower on the page.  (If it’s a new book, you might see a link to “be the first to review this book.”) Click the Write a customer review button.




Writing a review only takes a few quick answers to questions on a form.  (If you’re not already logged in to your Amazon account, you’ll be prompted to do so before you submit a review.)


You rate the book with 1-5 stars with 5 stars indicating that you loved it.  (If you hover over each star, pop up text will describe how Amazon perceives the rating – loved it, hated it, etc.)

Type 20 words or more telling folks how you feel about the book, if you recommend it, to whom, and why.

You enter a title for your review…usually something positive or negative that summarizes how you feel about the book, like “Great Beach Read,” “Really Helpful,” or “Waste of Time.”

Video Reviews

You actually don’t even have to WRITE a review for Amazon.  You can submit a video review.  Use your webcam or smartphone to record your thoughts on the book and upload it just like you’d submit a written review.

Once you click the Write a customer review button, click the link for “Uploading a video? Looking for the old review page? Click here.”


You can also post the same video review on YouTube.  Make sure to use the book’s title, author name, and any keywords or terms associated with the book in the YouTube video’s title and description.  (YouTube is one of the most highly searched sites online.  Your video review will get views.)

Once you have your written or video review ready, click Submit.

Share the Link

While you’re still on Amazon, you can copy the URL (link) for the book and share it.

Select that http://www……. line at the top of your web browser and copy it (right-click and select copy or press CTRL+C).  Then you can paste the URL link in an email, on a social media site, etc.  Word of mouth is awesome, but it’s much more convenient if your friends can just click on the link rather than remember and search for a title.


If you’re already on an Amazon page for one of the author’s books, click the link for the author’s name to go to the Amazon Author’s Page.



If you’ve just opened, search for the author’s name and click the link for the Amazon Author’s Page. (This works best if you search within the Kindle Store.)


Once you’re on the Amazon Author Page, click the Follow button.


When you follow an author, Amazon will send you updates when new books are available.


Don’t forget.  You can download and print the infographic to use as a checklist.  Feel free to share with friends, too.  A few clicks can go a long way toward keeping an author fed, watered, and writing.


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The Care and Feeding of an Author on Amazon — 13 Comments

  1. Excellent post Sherry! I’m glad you’re speaking out to show people authors need continuous support, and how it’s super easy to support them. I hope every friend of an author heeds your advice and helps “feed” the author!

  2. Nice infographic! And I like how you titled it feeding the author 🙂 gives the perfect impression of intent.

    A simple Like and sharing can do so much for a book.

    Thanks for laying this out.


  3. You must have read my mind. I was justing asking around about how to tag a book. Now everything to show love for an author’s baby is in one place. Excellent work!

  4. Thanks for this very succinct and useful post. i wish I had it last week before i did my free promo! I’ve got it for next time now :). It’s so clear and people new to Amazon really find it difficult to understand and to find these different places on the page!

    Have you come across Amazon refusing to let some-one put a review on for a free download if they’ve never bought before? one of my friends said that this came up when she tried to put on a review.

    Thanks so much


    • Oh, having it now…after your promo is good, too. Now that they’ve had the chance to read the book, you can use this article and infographic to request an endorsement and assistance with the book…providing, of course, that they liked the book. 🙂 I always tell folks…If you like the book, tell everybody. If you don’t like the book, just tell me. …so I can fix it. 😉

      • I’ve not seen anyone have trouble leaving an Amazon review. As long as the person has an Amazon account (and is logged in), writing a review is as easy as a couple of clicks.

        There is a checkbox somewhere to verify if this book was an Amazon purchase (paid or free via Amazon). As far as I know, we can still log in to Amazon and review the book even if we got the book elsewhere.

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