Freelance Technical Writing Services

Freelance Technical Writing (hardware, software, government and corporate) – Instructional Materials Specialist

As a freelance technical writer, I am essentially a “gun-for-hire,” or rather, a “pen-for-hire.”  I work on a contract basis to focus on your project(s), your needs, and the technical documents and materials that YOU need.

Freelance jobs are based on a contract or agreement between the freelancer and the customer.

The original freelancer, a knight who was free from fealty to any sovereign, was a “free lance,” in the sense that he was free to fight-for-hire as needed.

Modern application of the analogy isn’t really that different.  A traditional employee metaphorically swears fealty to a sovereign by agreeing to work under the employer’s roof and rules. In return, the employee receives benefits. A modern freelancer, has no long-term commitments to or benefits with an employer. The freelancer is free to address customer needs for specific projects.

The Process/Approach

I specialize in troubleshooting and development.  I collaborate and interact with applicable executives, SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), trainers, other writers, and learners/readers/customers, to assess and address your needs and those of your customers.

The subject matter in my work is rarely simple, but my approach is.  I help you and your SMEs focus efforts into teaching me the relevant material ONCE.  The basic principle is: You teach me, once.  I document everything, so your SMEs can eliminate redundant questions and move on to more productive tasks.  I translate the tech-speak and jargon into language and materials appropriate for the audience/reader/learner.

Like any hired gun, once the project is complete, I ride off into the sunset until you (or another customer) need my services.  By working on a contract basis, I’m there when you need me, and out of the way when you don’t.

Please feel free to explore the rest of the site to review my technical qualifications, experience, and samples of my work.  If my services can address a need for you, please do contact me with any questions or requests.

~ Sherry

What I Offer

  • Results-driven writer with a focus on instructional methods/materials and collaboration with Corporate/Technical Trainers and SMEs.
  • Offers extensive successful experience with research, planning, collaboration (with SMEs, Trainers, other writers, learners), development, design, writing, proofing, editing and revising technical and instructional documentation and multimedia materials.
  • Work emphasizes accuracy, validity, readability, usability, effectiveness, and efficiency to meet corporate, administrator, user, trainer, and student needs / objectives.

Specialized Documentation Types / Experience:

  • Instructional Materials
  • Service Manuals
  • User Manuals
  • Admin Manuals
  • Developer Guides
  • Parts Catalogs
  • Procedures
  • Process Documentation
  • Knowledge Base
  • Help Documentation
  • Ebooks
  • Online Articles
  • CBTs (Computer Based Training)
  • WBTs (Web Based Training)
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Social and Professional Networking
  • Multimedia (graphics, illustrations, audio, video, simulations, etc.)
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