How to Share Multiple (but not all) LastPass Sites and Login Info

lastpass vault iconWhat to do when you want to share specific sites and login info, but not ALL the records you keep in LastPass

You can, of course, go to your LastPass Vault and one-by-one click SHARE to allow your partners or VAs to access those sites with your login information.  If you have hundreds of sites you’d like to share, but a few you DON’T want to share (like your bank account login), you can select multiple sites with a check box to share all at once.

Bulk Share Specific Items

Instructions are listed below, or you can access the PDF version here which includes larger images in a standard page size.

1.  From your LastPass Vault, click the Account Settings link near the top right corner.

vault account settings

2.  Technically, you don’t need to open your account settings, but it also opens the sites with the checkbox option.  Go ahead and close the actual Edit Settings box.

close Edit Settngs box

3.  With the Sites tab already open, just check the boxes for the sites you’d like to share…then click the Share Selected action link.

Share Selected

4.  Enter the following:

  • Email addresses of those with whom you’d like to share.  Separate multiple email addresses with a comma or semicolon.
  • Modify the default “shared” message if you’d like.
  • Select the Share or Give mode.
  • Select the data you’d like to share.
  • Click the SHARE button to send a notification email to those with whom you’ve just shared information.

share lastpass

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