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So, I run a page rank tracking plugin on my sites that sends me email updates.  Frankly, I do this because I’m just not dedicated enough to manually check rank data on my sites regularly.  I know.  I should track rank data more often, but it’s just not in me.

Sherry Snider Resume PageUsually, these rank updates come in for blog posts since I tend to do technical “how to” posts.  I still teach.  It’s just more online and in print/multimedia rather than a physical classroom these days.  When my resume page ranked, it kind of caught my interest.

A Page on Ranks for Resume Jacksonville State

Imagine my surprise tonight, though to get an email that one of my pages on ranked for “resume jacksonville state.”

Sherry Snider Resume Page Ranks for Resume Jacksonville StateI’m quite proud of my alma mater, so I’m thrilled that my site is ranking in association with the school, but I didn’t even try targeting such a keyword.  Considering that JSU has several pages associated with the word, “resume,” I’m even more surprised.

The page that ranked is and even stranger, yet…the text that ranked is the listing on my resume under Education.  It’s under Work History, when I taught adjunct English courses at JSU for a while a million years ago (ok…15 years ago, but it seems like a long time).

The Mystery of Ranking Algorithms

Yeah.  I still can’t figure out the constantly changing algorithms to rank on Google or other search engines.  I’ve learned a good bit over the years, but the game always changes.  As such, I’m particularly happy to see this result.

…anyone else see any particularly good news in the ranks these days?

Oh, and… Go Gamecocks!


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