How to Make Your Own Haunted Portrait

How to Make Your Own Haunted PortraitJust in time for Halloween, How to Make Your Own Haunted Portrait is now available on Kindle.

As I mention in my Amazon Author Bio, though I’m a technical writer by trade, I do like to work with my hands to blow off steam.  …then I document and write about those projects, too.

As described on Amazon:

How to Make Your Own Haunted Portrait is a step-by-step guide to making your own paranormal art for your haunted house or your home sweet home.  The detailed and illustrated instructions in the book are all you need to create your own creepy pictures with eyes that follow you.

All the materials are listed (with photos).  All the steps are detailed (with photos), and all the fun happens during and after the making.

It’s fun (and creepy) to watch grandma’s eyes follow you.  It’s even more fun to watch others stare at grandma’s eyes following them across the room.  Now imagine a portrait of your favorite writer or your favorite characters from TV, movies, and books watching YOU.  Fun!  Even better, imagine telling ghost stories around the fireplace with Edgar Allan Poe following your every move.

Put one in your guest room!

Haunting as it is, the illusion is actually fairly easy to recreate. It’s based merely on depth perception and angle.  Similar customized portraits sell on eBay and through various mediums from $15 and up. …MUCH up if you want to have a personal photo converted.

If you want to create your own Eyes-Follow-You portraits, this little ebook is for you. Whether you want a haunted portrait because you love Disney, the haunted mansion, haunted houses, illusions, crafts, or just the novelty, with these instructions, you can easily create an eerie illusion of your own.

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How to Make Your Own Haunted Portrait is one of those projects I did years ago, AND documented, with photos.  I knew I wasn’t the only one who’d grin gleefully at a family photo modified so the eyes follow you.  (I have a tendency to place them on the fireplace mantle or in the guest room.)  🙂

Since I’d done all the research and tinkering to get the illusion just right, I thought it was only neighborly to document all the steps and tips.  Kindle just gives me an easy way to distribute it, now.  …and I can’t WAIT to see your personal haunted portraits!  I’ve love to see pictures, so feel free to send me links to your haunted portrait photos or share with me on Facebook.

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