How to Download Updated Kindle eBooks

HowToDownloadNewlyUpdatedKindleEbooksThe beauty of ebook publishing is that updating ebooks, especially on Amazon, is quick and easy. Getting those updates to readers, however, depends on how accessible KDP makes those updates.

This post details the options readers have to download those updated Kindle ebooks.

Option 1

1. If you (the reader) do not receive the updated ebook automatically, login to Amazon and select Your Account>Manage Your Content and Devices.


2. Scroll down to the newly updated book or search for the title in the Search box to find it under your content.


3. An “Update Available” button should appear for you to click and receive the updated ebook.

Option 2

If the “Update Available” button does not appear, click the Actions button (the one with 3 dots) and select Read Now. You should then see a message about the newly updated ebook and a warning that bookmarks and notes made in the previous version will be lost.


Option 3

1. If all else fails, click the Help link under Manage Your Content and Devices.


2. Scroll down to select Digital Services & Content>Support for Renting, Gifting & Managing Kindle Books.


3. This takes you to the Help & Customer Service Support for Kindle Content. Click the Contact Us button to ask Amazon to push the updated ebook to your account/device.



For additional details about updates, Amazon’s Customer Service and KDP have provided some helpful information for both readers and authors/publishers.



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