Embedding YouTube Videos into WordPress Using the Free Smart Youtube PRO Plugin

Using the free Smart Youtube PRO plugin, you can easily embed YouTube videos into WordPress.  (Note:  A PDF version of the following instructions is available through this link.)

1.  From your WordPress Dashboard, open the Plugins, then click Add New.

2.  Search for Smart Youtube PRO.  When it appears in the results, click Install Now.

3.  After installation completes, make sure you activate the plugin.

4.  With the Smart Youtube PRO plugin installed and activated, you just need to go to the YouTube video you’d like to embed and click Share.  Copy the link code to share.

5.  Pick a spot where you’d like to embed the video, then click the HTML tab.


6.  Paste the link code into the appropriate spot, then add the letter v after http

Back under the Visual tab, the link code looks the same as you pasted and modified it under the HTML tab.

7.  When you preview the post, you can see where the YouTube video was embedded.



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Embedding YouTube Videos into WordPress Using the Free Smart Youtube PRO Plugin — 2 Comments

  1. Hey very good job there. Do you use snipit I do. I love it. Also thanks for the add on google plus. I love our little hangouts. So cool in this tech savy world to have a great show like this.

    Also very good blog!!

  2. Oh, I’m LOVING G+ hangouts…such a convenient way to do a quick video conferences and chats…very user-friendly.

    I do love SnagIt, too. I use Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro if I need to do any advanced image editing, but SnagIt is awesome for basic screenshots. …especially with the stamps and elements in the editor…much easier to highlight specific parts of the screenshots.