Sherry Snider’s Author Bio

Sherry SniderSherry Snider, Technical Writer evolved over years of teaching (English, reading, & speech), then, working in the IT (Information Technology) field.  After documenting hundreds of technical processes and teaching others how to duplicate results, technical writing and training became the next logical career path.

After many happy years of corporate employment as a documentation specialist and technical trainer, opportunities for independent contract and freelance work opened even more doors including documentation and training projects ranging from school and transit bus parts through HAZMAT procedures.

Sherry still takes technical writing, multimedia, training, and consulting projects in a variety of industries.  Though hardware (assembly, troubleshooting, repair, etc.) and software (user manuals, admin manuals, developers’ guides, etc.) are usually her favorite projects, pretty much any customer with cool toys and tech to master has a good chance of capturing her interest…especially if her specific experience and skills offer significant value to the project or customer/client.

Since much of Sherry’s world revolves around highly technical documentation, electronic media, and curriculum, she also likes to blow off steam by working with her hands.  Crafting, woodworking, wood burning, and sculpting polymer clay provide an alternative to the computing world.  Then, of course, she documents and writes about those projects, too.

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