Meet Sherry Snider, Technical Writer  – aka eBook author, technical trainer, IT professional, speech & English teacher, and TaeKwonDo Plus Center Manager/Martial Arts Instructor, among other things.  Well, not all at once, but I have led an ecclectic professional life.  🙂

Feel free to browse the site, sign up for blog updates, connect through social media, check out my portfolio and tech writing services, or just have fun exploring some of the technical tools and toys of the trade.  Under the Books menu, you’ll also find:

  • My Author Bio – a little bio (less technical than the tech writing summary) about me and my role as an eBook author
  • Buy the Books – a portal to purchase my books and ebooks from your favorite sites (and in your preferred format)
  • Signed Copies – various methods to request Kindlegraphs and digital autographs – including links to purchase digitally autographed (personalized and signed by the author) copies of my eBooks.
  • Reviews and Media – links to reviews of my eBooks, interviews, and other media


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