Book Review – Marketing Your Book On Amazon

Shelley Hitz’s Marketing Your Book On Amazon is essentially an insider’s guide for Amazon’s KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) and Author Central.  It’s like a bag of 21+ golden nuggets of book marketing wisdom.

Amazon Tools

[easyazon-image align=”right” asin=”B009SGXWM0″ locale=”us” height=”320″ src=”” width=”236″]Through various resources, authors have figured out the basics of KDP, and if they’re lucky, they’ve found and figured out the basics of Author Central.  Hitz gives us months’ worth of deep research and testing in Marketing Your Book On Amazon, so we can not only USE Amazon tools, but also OPTIMIZE them for our books.

The tips and tricks in this book can only come from repeated experience with the tools and processes.  Veteran author, Hitz shares all kinds of golden nuggets to help us get a jumpstart through all the hoops.  She’s already been there, and it’s always a good idea to heed the advice of those who’ve gone before us.  …sure does save a lot of time.

Favorite Insider Tip

Of the many tips and tricks, one of my favorites was a quirk I’d have never picked up without Hitz’s guidance in the book.  Did you know that you could manually request category changes for your book?  Ok, you probably did know that part, but did you know that it’s a much easier process if you already have one of your categories established as “non-classifiable?”

I didn’t know that.  In fact, it sounds completely counter-intuitive.  Without this insider tip, I would never have assigned a category to my book as “non-classifiable.”


Hitz also includes multiple screenshots and examples, but they’re hosted online (external from the actual ebook).  Make sure to read the book on a computer or device with internet access to view the screenshots.  From there, it’s a quick click on the link (in the ebook) to open and view the screenshots.

Ebook Signing

Since you all know I’m also an ebook signing evangelist, I’m quite happy to note that one of Hitz’s marketing tips is to sign your ebooks.  The service she mentions is Authorgraph (formerly Kindlegraph), but that’s only one of MANY digital solutions for autographs.

Check out my recent book, What Do Ebook Authors Sign? on how to sign ebooks.  Detailed instructions and screenshots are included to walk authors through using Authorgraph, Autography (which lets authors sign actual ebooks just like signing a physical/printed book), and other signing solutions.


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