Book Review – How to Make, Market, and Sell eBooks All For Free by Jason Matthews

[easyazon-block align=”right” asin=”B003CJU49I” locale=”us”]Matthews previews the book’s content early with the following:

“I will only market my books in ways that are free or extremely cheap!

Guess what? The free stuff actually works better than the expensive stuff. Who knew?”

We learn from experience – either our own, or the experiences of others.  We also learn from both good and bad experiences.  Thank goodness!  Though I’d love to learn from good experiences of my own, I’m most grateful to learn from the bad experiences of others.  I’m quite happy to learn from their mistakes.

DOs and DON’Ts

From Matthews, I get to learn both.  He candidly begins with his own background story and openly cautions first about the costly mistakes he made in the beginning.  Thank you, Jason Matthews.  With the “to avoid” list noted, it’s much easier to focus on the strategies and techniques that have proven beneficial and profitable for Matthews and other indie authors on the same path.


With the soaring popularity of Kindle and other eBook formats, sales potential is huge even for the brand new indie author.  Even better, the overhead is minimal, so taking your shot as an author costs mostly your time and effort.  Matthews shows you how to best spend both.


Though my primary purpose for initially buying the book was the in-depth section reviewing online payment methods and selling eBooks from one’s own web site, I quickly found value in multiple topics:

  • Social Media
  • Blogs
  • Google Alerts
  • Forums
  • Your Own Web Site/Domain Name
  • Keywords
  • SEO
  • Blogging
  • eBook Covers
  • Photos and images
  • Software
  • Formatting
  • Online Publishing and Distribution (Smashwords, PubIt, Amazon, etc.)
  • eBook readers, devices, software
  • Selling through your own web site
  • Free web site creation and hosting
  • Promotion
  • Reviews

…all from the perspective of an author (not a band, not an internet marketer, not an ecological non-profit group – an author).

There are plenty of resources available on all these topics, but examining them from the perspective of an author focuses us on how they are best used by authors.


The scope of the book is comprehensive for the entire writing process – which does not end at the final page of one’s book.  Writing the book is just one part.  Marketing and networking often take more effort than actual writing.

Links, Resources, and Examples

Most useful in the mass of information, Matthews includes links to even more resources and examples.  As a guide for indie authors, How to Make, Market, and Sell eBooks All For Free is a gem of a reference.  As a nudge and a point in the right direction, it is priceless.

It certainly answered my questions about selling eBooks from my own web site – and then, some.

And More

Jason Matthews also hosts an online cable network show on where he and other indie authors discuss all things writing.  Tune in live each week or enjoy the archived episodes of Indie Authors on Hangout Networks.

How to Make, Market, and Sell EBooks All For Free



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Book Review – How to Make, Market, and Sell eBooks All For Free by Jason Matthews — 3 Comments

  1. Very helpful review. I see many books on this topic and you wonder if the content will really help or just be a waste of money. A number of the women in my writing group have tried self-publishing with quite different experiences.

    I used print-on-demand for the family books I self-published, but am wondering about sticking with that or going with ebooks for the next two that I’m working on.

  2. Thanks Sherry for this great review. I purchased Jason’s book a year or so ago, and didn’t know him at the time. He is an “expert” in the indie author e-book field, and has been more than helpful to indie authors, not only with his books on self-publishing, but also hosting the indie-authors series on

  3. Jason has certainly helped many new authors venture into the world of eBooks. He actually helped me with several questions even before I bought How to Make, Market, and Sell eBooks All For Free…which answered a whole lot more.

    I actually found Jason and his book when a colleague recommended his Facebook group (of the same name – just search Facebook for How to Make, Market, and Sell eBooks). Jason, his Facebook group, and his show on helped me jump into eBooks feet first – and with my eyes wide open. 🙂