Adding Pinterest Pin and Follow Buttons on Your Site

Why Add Pinterest Buttons?

Why would you want to add Pinterest buttons to your site?  Can’t folks just copy the URL and paste it when they want to pin my page/image?

Well, yeah…but there are several reasons to go ahead and add Pinterest buttons ON your site.

  • It’s a call to action.  With a Pinterest button right there, you are ASKING readers to please do share your stuff on Pinterest.
  • It’s convenient.  Folks are much more likely to pin your stuff if they can click the Pin It button right there rather than opening Pinterest, logging in, clicking to pin, copying and pasting the URL, etc.  If you want your stuff pinned, make it super easy.
  • If you add a Follow me on Pinterest button, you extend your reach to communicate with your readers through your own pins and pinboards.
  • It’s a signal that you are happy to have folks share and pin your stuff.  With copyright infringement issues and legal concerns, many of us are hesitant to pin unless we’re sure the author/owner is okay with it.  Including a Pinterest button shows that you welcome pinning.

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How Do I Add Pinterest Buttons?

The exact, step-by-step instructions are a little different for each platform (WordPress, Blogger, etc.), but it’s pretty much the same process regardless of the site’s format.  It’s just a matter of adding a little code in the right place.

I’m not going to “recreate the wheel” here.  Since there are already great “how to” resources available, I’ll just save you a bit of time and link to some of the tutorials for each platform below.

From Pinterest

Direct from Pinterest’s Goodies, you can grab the images and code you’ll need.  If you already have experience adding Facebook or Twitter buttons, Pinterest is pretty similar.

How to Add a Pinterest Button to WordPress Site

How to Add a Pinterest Button to Your Blogger Blog

How to Add a Pinterest Button to Other Sites

This one actually covers any html-based site, WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, and Posterous.


Pinterest Can Make You Money

Yeah, I know.  I probably should have started with that statement, or at least put it in the list of reasons to add Pinterest buttons to your site, but making money with Pinterest is a whole other topic.

You can make money directly with affiliate links in your pins, and you can make money indirectly from the additional traffic and new visitors you draw to your own site.

I’ll leave the monetization discussion to the experts like Dan Morris.  You can follow him on Pinterest at and check out the Pinning for Profits training video he created with Darren Crawford, at

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